About Me


Welcome to Trendy, Stylish & Simply Chic!  I’m Donna. Let me start by saying Thank You for visiting  and wanting to know a little bit more about me. In one word, I am a passionate. I am driven by my love for fashion, DIY, & music.  But my greatest passion and inspiration has been becoming a mother. Motherhood has taught me the truest form of love you could ever experience in life. I see my life as a series of roles that I play and work everyday to do well. 
I first started this blog to help share my thoughts. Whether it's beauty, DYI, or life related or something more personal. I have wanted to start a blog for sometime now and finally I am able to to it. I think as I share my Love and passion for fashion, other ladies with share and see who they really are as well. i want to share my family fun moments, as well as my up's and downs. 
Mother: I am a mother of two. He is funny, kind and caring of others. She was beautiful with rosy lips and tons of hair, born still at 37 weeks. I knew she would have been as wonderful as her brother.
Wife: I married my best friend. We promised we would love each other through the highs and lows of life, and we have been through them all. We are the best of friends and the best power couple there is.
Fashionista: I believe fashion and style should be inspired and fun. I enjoy styling classic as much as eclectic pieces, and high and low brands. Style can shape how I feel about myself throughout the day, so I like to pay attention to the details. With Fashion you can be yourself and be who you want to be.
This blog is for every woman who loves fashion and wants to be inspired to grow, love, grieve, celebrate, honor and become better by enjoying the little things that make life great. We all deserve those golden moments, especially when we are thrown into the chaos of life.  Please enjoy this journey with me as I share with you all the wonderful things life has to offer, being a wife, mother, and fashionista. Hope you enjoy the journey with me, I know i will....

Thank you for reading! xoxo, Donna