Tuesday, July 15, 2014

....And the winner is....???

I am so happy to say we opted for the 2014 Toyota Sienna!! I am so excited to be the owner of a brand new Limited mini van. Everyone has made their jokes but this mini van isn't just any mini van. It comes with a 17" DVD split screen, 2 sets of wireless headphones, space for days and it is gonna be wonderful driving to Orlando in this baby!!! I am solo Excited and as soon as I get more pics I will post!!! I am so grateful, I did my research and I am glad we went with this!!! I do LOVE my Truck and miss her very much but I am soooo happy to have this now and have so much more room in it and it's easier to put the kids in!!! 


Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 Toyota Sienna AWD Limited or 2014 Toyota Sequoia Platinum

So here is my dilemma, we are going to Florida in August and I am torn between 2 vehicles I was thinking about: 2014 Toyota Sienna AWD Limited or 2014 Toyota Sequoia Platinum. We have our 2011 Toyota 4Runner and I LOVE My Truck! The problem is that now with Ava it is not a practical truck to be driving. We are going to Florida and Cynthia, (my step-daughter), is coming with us and she is hardly gonna have room to sit in between the 2 kids. We were thinking about one of these to trade up for. My Problem is that I would Love some feed back on anyone who has any one of these vehicles. I love Power in my truck so it is gonna be kinda hard to trade out of my truck fr a "mom" Van! My sister loves her's and she has the Honda Odessy She says it is so much better and more room and I have been n her mini van and it is a hell of a lot easier to put both kids in and out. The question is this Does the 2014 Toyota Sienna AWD Limited have the same power as my Truck or should I go for the 2014 Toyota Sequoia Platinum? Thanks everyone!!!