Friday, May 30, 2014

3 month Check Up!

She was already to go out with mommy after her check up!

Yesterday, I took Ava to her 3 month check up, and she was a great little girl! She is now 12 lbs, 1 once: 22 inches long! The pediatrician  said I can start her on solid foods anywhere between 4 - 6 months. I started her today! :)

 I knew she would love it so I started her on the greens first. I kinda did things backwards with Jayden cause I started him on fruits first and I think that is why he doesn't like the veggies now.  She loved the green beans at lunch today!!!

You may not have seen them in the pics but these were the new sandles I had on her yesterday to go with her outfit.  I just got them on Saturday when i went to the Carters / Oshkosh outlet in Tinton Falls. i brought some more things for her but in the 6 months mark, only to know how much she will use it as she grows.

On another note I am so ready for the Summer that i even had Lauren paint my toes and hands. This  is a color by Essie which is it's genius, and the white color is blanc, also by Essie.  Love both of them and as i get a little sun i will go the extra mile and get different spring colors!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

3 month Baby Essentials

3 month Baby Essentials

3 month Baby Essentials

These are my 3 month baby essentials I will be using and have ready, especially the teething supplies! 

  1. The Exersaucer Double Fun - Pink Bumbly has an activity matt that I put Ava on and she can reach for the toys and listen to the music, I absolutely love this! 
  2. Sassy Ring O Links are so cute and colorful to hang on the car seat or the swing so Ava can reach for them and when she start to teeth she can bite them because they have bumps on them to sooth her gums. 
  3. This Nuk Baby Tooth & Gum Cleanser is perfect i used it on Jayden when he was 3 months until he started teething and also LOVE LOVE LOVE This as well.  
  4. Baby Orajel Teething Swabs are great so you are not using too much of the gel or they can't choke on it. They just rub on the gums and that's it!
  5. Mary Meyer Wubbanub Plush Pacifier, Cutsie Caterpillar with Soothie Pacifier, Pink/Purple, 0-3 Months is a really cute way of NOT Losing your binki. I love it and it is like having a friend hold it in your mouth and she is not alone!


Baby Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials for Baby

I just have to say Ava will be 3 months in 3 days and I will be blogging about that too, but first I came across some of these essentielas i feel like every baby needs for summer, and although Jayden is not a baby, he needs these as well!!! I always use the Coppertone WaterbBabies Pure & Simple Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 on Jayden and it seems to work for him, he tans without burning. I am trying something new this summer. The Babyganics Insect Repellant without Deet. And I am also trying the Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 60 and I also  have the cute Ralph Lauren Polo Sneakers for Jayden, I think they are so adorable and for Ava I brought the Baby Gap Sandals in white. My sister brought her the Gymboree Bow sunhat in coral, so i brought her the matching Tulle Rosette Dot Swimsuit and a loop-Terry Swim Cover-Up. Love these and of corse had to get Jayden the same colors. The Cotton Pique Polo, in that hot pink/coral is so hoot, and  paired it with the Playjam shorts in Fresh praline, such a great combo to go with his Polo Sneakers. and his little cabanna Straw hat



Baby Summer Essentials

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Contest Time!

The Red Dress Boutique


Who wants to win our ADORABLE new "Captain Of The Seas Dress" just in time for your beach vacation? LIKE & SHARE if you love it then ENTER by commenting with your size! We will choose one winner tomorrow morning when it goes LIVE @ 10:15am EST!!! Good LUCK!

Mothers Day

Becoming a mother again for the second time after 4 years is certainly a treat! I love being who I am and love my Family. My kids are everything to me. I cannot express enough of how many times I have complained about things or about how I felt during this last pregnancy, but I can say I would do it all again the same way if I had to! It is a feeling I cannot explain.  Dan did good again (as usual). Me and my sister, Barbara, Spent the day together celebrating Mother's Day in NYC! We go to finally see Wicked on Broadway, and we even got to drive up in a stretch limo Dan reserved for us for the day. 

 It was a Beautiful day weather wise, and i got to be stress free for the day. Dan took care of the kiddies, and i had no stress throughout the day. We had such a blast! I got my maxi skirt at The Red Dress Boutique, tank top Old Navy and my cute white flip flops, scarf and earrings and necklace are all from New York & Company.  All of my Alex & Ani bangles i wore with pride. The kids got me the Hand and hand gold bangle and the silver mother bangle. Love all my mother's Day gifts!!! 

Had a blast at the show, Wicked and anyone who has not seen this show it's a must, I would definitely go again, it is a little funny as well as heart wrenching! 

Hopefully it will run as long as Cat's did!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Audrey Hepburn, Style & Fashion Icon

Happy 85th Birthday to an American Fashion Icon! One of My Favorite Actresses, Audrey Hepburn is a fashion and style Icon.  She is my favorite Fashion beauty and I love her. She was a very classy dressed woman on and off the Big Screen and was afraid to let people know.  Even just going to the Market she had a ooh to her until the day she passed she made sure she was always dressed to impress. I personally love the Classic Fashion look. Miss Hepburn was also a Humanitarian and Helped with UNICEF.