Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring/Summer 2013!!

Hello Spring!!! The year for Spring/Summer 2013, all we are seeing on the runway is the beautiful pastel colors of Mint, Coral, Whites, and Ivories, and of corse as we always see Black!!  The Color scheme seems to be more of the minty color though!! We may also see some Lavender, yellows, and bright bold oranges, and greens!! Here is an example of just what I am talking about if you are living under a rock, than this blog is perfect for you...I put together on this first image just some of the accessories we will be seeing this spring in the mint family!! We of corse will have more colors and varieties of many other different things to look at and purchase, but to me the mint is the best looking!! 
Here is also a look at some of our other items up for grabs!!!
These are Beautiful Colored Square Cuffs! They are hinged and lead and nickel safe. *All measurements are approx. and come in colors shown: White, Black, Coral & Turquoise
Price: $19.00

Here we have the Tory Burch Inspired Logo Bangle Set in Peach. Designer Price: $275.00; Our Price: $19.00!! Can you beat that, I think not!! 

Please come by our FB Page and check out all the new items. We are now doing an auction where every Wednesday & Friday between the hrs. of 8PM - 9PM we will display the hottest items  hand crafted on our website. All items will have the picture, description & price. All prices will NOT include sales tax, but we now offer Free Shipping!!! 
All you have to do is hit the link to register and after you do that, if you want an item hit type SOLD, and your email address!! Its that simple. Prices will not include tax, but will include shipping!! Until I blog again, Happy Shopping!!! XOXOXO