Friday, April 3, 2015

My Favorite Things for Spring

Ok so it looks like there is still a chill in the air and some snow still on the ground but that doesn't mean we don't need to start getting out our Spring Clothing. Take out those distressed jeans and put them to good use. They are a hot Spring 2015 feature! Light denim is the way to go, it made it's way peaking through towards the end of last summer snd I think it will be a very hot seller this Spring/Summer as well, if not more! Everywhere I go I see the light distressed denim and love the ones I go from NY&Company i love. They are stretch so whatever your real size in jean's are go down a size they give a little and will stretch through out the day as you are wearing them. They are comfy and could dress them up with heals and a blazer or dress them down with flats or sneakers and a tee shirt. Either way you wear them they will be a hit anywhere you go. 

My next pick I think we can still get away with in Spring is the trench coat. Not only will you make a statement with a trench coat you will be able to rock it out anywhere as well. This elegant piece is a fashionable and comfortable outerwear staple which can be styled in so many different ways this season. You can pull out this item for several seasons with no worries about it going out of style, and as long as you have to wear clothes, and accessories you will have a stylish trench anywhere you go.  Trench coats come in Fabulous Colors too so not only can you wear it to keep you from being cold but it can be used as a statement Piece as well.  Here are Some examples to show you the different colors. I love Yellow for the Spring and Summer it's vibrant but my favorite one is the Pink coat. it's different and i love how the tie goes on the Side. Then you have your traditional color Trench, Tan or beige. That goes with anything so you might wanna see which trench is for you and when you make that choice love what you picked! 

Some of the best items we can find in our local drugstore to get Spring ready are for our feet and lips!  Here are 3 of my favorite things to start off for Spring.

Because of the horrible cold winter we are having and all the medications I am on for my diabetes my feet get really bad in the winter with the cracked heels and I have tried everything under the sun in order to try to fix it.  So one day we were at Bed, Bath & Beyond and saw this foot cream, O'keeffe's For healthy Feet Daily Foot Cream. I told Dan maybe I should try it, I mean i have tried everything to fix this probleme and they have a Hand cream as well, so we got that and the Ped Egg and I said with the 2 of these items I should be silky smooth and sure enough they worked wonders. I love both of these products and reccomand these both to anyone who suffers from dry cracked feet especially to diabetics! 

The other spring item I love is Eos Lip Balm in Sweet Mint. OMG! This is the best one they have (I think anyway). It has that minty smell and smoothes your lips to be very kissable! Of corse i saw it in Bed, Bath & Beyond and got it with the other 2 items and love it!! 

Hope Everyone Has a Great Weekend!!! And as always Happy Shopping!!!