Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Trends! 2015

I'm so excited to see the new Spring 2015 Trends this year.  Some trends have not left us but some trends are here and added a twist to this year.  I love shopping at certain places for certain things! there are so many new colors and patterns that I never thought I would like and towards the end of last season, i started loving some of them.  I love the website: I I love Jewelry Auctions. I just brought a bracelet for Ava that looks just like my Alex & Ani.

I absolutely LOVE The Anchor and Nautical Look for Summer.  It's so chic and Trendy everyone is wearing it on something. Next Alex & Ani i get will be the anchor! I just had a party my sister who is a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, and I earned $250.00 in merchandise credit, 2 half priced items, and 2 Hostess Gifts! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Them!!! One of the new items they have is a Canvas Crew Tote, and it's so adorable!!! Very trendy for 2015 Summer, and very chic! I love it because you can change the handle to a rope handle for a more Beachy tote, and it fits so many things, so if I go to my sister's with the kids i can actually put all of their pool stuff in there. Towels extra clothes fr them to change into, extra items I need for Ava, anything! They also have a matching Canvas Crew Coin Purse to latch inside the tote, also comes in many colors as well as the Canvas Crew Tote! I have the matching Mini Zipper Pouch way too cute for summer!! I just got so many things but those 3 items are my Fave!!! 

Can't wait to use my new stuff and I surly cannot wait to open up the windows and et fresh air in the house and allow Spring to set in! Happy Shopping!!