Saturday, February 28, 2015

Spring Trends! 2015

I'm so excited to see the new Spring 2015 Trends this year.  Some trends have not left us but some trends are here and added a twist to this year.  I love shopping at certain places for certain things! there are so many new colors and patterns that I never thought I would like and towards the end of last season, i started loving some of them.  I love the website: I I love Jewelry Auctions. I just brought a bracelet for Ava that looks just like my Alex & Ani.

I absolutely LOVE The Anchor and Nautical Look for Summer.  It's so chic and Trendy everyone is wearing it on something. Next Alex & Ani i get will be the anchor! I just had a party my sister who is a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, and I earned $250.00 in merchandise credit, 2 half priced items, and 2 Hostess Gifts! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Them!!! One of the new items they have is a Canvas Crew Tote, and it's so adorable!!! Very trendy for 2015 Summer, and very chic! I love it because you can change the handle to a rope handle for a more Beachy tote, and it fits so many things, so if I go to my sister's with the kids i can actually put all of their pool stuff in there. Towels extra clothes fr them to change into, extra items I need for Ava, anything! They also have a matching Canvas Crew Coin Purse to latch inside the tote, also comes in many colors as well as the Canvas Crew Tote! I have the matching Mini Zipper Pouch way too cute for summer!! I just got so many things but those 3 items are my Fave!!! 

Can't wait to use my new stuff and I surly cannot wait to open up the windows and et fresh air in the house and allow Spring to set in! Happy Shopping!! 


A Winter ONEderland of Funn!!!

So last Friday our little princess turned the big 1! I of corse was a wreck and still cannot believe my little girl is 1 already!!!  We had a wonderful time and glad everyone came to show their love for her. She is my little fire cracker and i'm so glad even with the snow storm the night before we had a full house! I am so proud of how this birthday party came to be. Ava enjoyed her smash cake that Jayden even got into the act with was a ONEderful Time!!! Thank you to all who did show up and celebrated in our Special day!!!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

All New For 2015!

Happy New year! It's been a real minute since I have actually had time to sit and blog. So I will be getting you all caught up on what has happened in the last 6 months of our life!

Well, first off we finally brought our home! That's right after living in a townhouse for like 5 years and having Ava we grew out of it and brought a new home! Im in so much more heaven with this it's way bigger than our town house and I'm in LOVE!!! We moved around Thanksgiving time so we didn't have a lot of time for the Holidays, but in the words of Tim Gun: We "Made it work!"

After the move of corse, the holidays came and hit us like a ton of bricks, so we planned that out and had to make sure some of the rooms were done such as the kids rooms and the main family room! We still have a lot to do and paint to pick but I told Dan, One room at a time and it will come along. I'm already sick of the winter and cannot wait to decorate for the spring/summer! I'm into the Nautical Look for some reason. Whether it is wearing the Navy and Anchor or putting it in my own for Summer. I really have grown to the look. So i m looking for Nautical items for the Summer.

After the Holidays comes cleaning up for January. Well last Saturday I had some friends over for a ladies night and had a Wonderful time. Had my sister, Barbara, who is also a Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts! Had a fantastic time getting together and having some food, girl time, and some wine! Great turn out in Sales as well! Total Sales were $820.00 and because they were doing Double hostess month for January I walked away with like $250. in Credit plus 2 hostess Exclusives Plus 2 half priced items!!! Phew talk about having a shopping spree! I only had to put out of pocket $50.00 and that was it! It's a great time to have your friends come together for food, fun and shopping!!!

On my next list I'm planning Ava's 1st. Birthday (Already)!!! I cannot believe my little angel is going to turn 1 already! The year has gone by so fast that i'm in complete aww! Ava has brought me more joy, more love, and more happiness in my life! seeing her and Jayden inter act brings complete joy to my life! I had a rough pregnancy but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, she is definitely my little ball of fire!!! Love Jayden and Ava to the moon and Back!!!