Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 Toyota Sienna AWD Limited or 2014 Toyota Sequoia Platinum

So here is my dilemma, we are going to Florida in August and I am torn between 2 vehicles I was thinking about: 2014 Toyota Sienna AWD Limited or 2014 Toyota Sequoia Platinum. We have our 2011 Toyota 4Runner and I LOVE My Truck! The problem is that now with Ava it is not a practical truck to be driving. We are going to Florida and Cynthia, (my step-daughter), is coming with us and she is hardly gonna have room to sit in between the 2 kids. We were thinking about one of these to trade up for. My Problem is that I would Love some feed back on anyone who has any one of these vehicles. I love Power in my truck so it is gonna be kinda hard to trade out of my truck fr a "mom" Van! My sister loves her's and she has the Honda Odessy She says it is so much better and more room and I have been n her mini van and it is a hell of a lot easier to put both kids in and out. The question is this Does the 2014 Toyota Sienna AWD Limited have the same power as my Truck or should I go for the 2014 Toyota Sequoia Platinum? Thanks everyone!!!