Thursday, June 26, 2014


I am so excited to announce we are going to Florida!!!! Can't wait!!!We are diving down so this should make for some great bloging...LOL!!! We are going from August 1 - August excited have to go shopping for Ava's 6 month clothes and some more clothes for me!!! The other day we went to IHOP for some funny face pancakes and Friday the 20th (i am a little late) Ava turned 4 months already :( Her growth is going way to fast I can't believe it!!! My sister, gave her some pancakes and she loved it!!! She also loves her fruits, and veggies!!! So happy since Jayden doesn't. But anywhoo, don't forget to check out the Contest on The Red Dress Boutique Facebook page, Hit share and your size!!! Happy Shopping!!!