Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Busy Week and Weekend!

Sleeping in Mommy's bed is such a treat, he loves cuddling with me and Ava in the bed!!! 

Loves eating his pizza!!!

Ok, so a lot has been going on this week! Me and Ava went to visit my sister at work, and she was loving the attention!!! We went to go out on Thursday to walk around Westfield and got so delicious pasteries at Bovella's Bakery and ate at Jersey Mike's OMG! Oh So good tasting first time I ever ate there and I will be going back!! I had to go to Alex & Ani to get 2 teach gifts for Jayden's Speech teacher and his daily teacher. His Para's I brought 3 pots with seeds for growing basal as you see below and I am going to put them in the straw tote and put a note with it that says Thank you for helping me "Grow", I saw similar items on Pinterest and did my own idea.

Saturday I went to my nephew's game and got a little burnt from the sun, had on sunblock but I guess not enough. Than after that we went to the Italian Feast at her church in Woodbridge. We had so great Funn!!! Looking forward to the weekend already!!! Have a great week everyone, and Happy Shopping!!!