Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mothers Day

Becoming a mother again for the second time after 4 years is certainly a treat! I love being who I am and love my Family. My kids are everything to me. I cannot express enough of how many times I have complained about things or about how I felt during this last pregnancy, but I can say I would do it all again the same way if I had to! It is a feeling I cannot explain.  Dan did good again (as usual). Me and my sister, Barbara, Spent the day together celebrating Mother's Day in NYC! We go to finally see Wicked on Broadway, and we even got to drive up in a stretch limo Dan reserved for us for the day. 

 It was a Beautiful day weather wise, and i got to be stress free for the day. Dan took care of the kiddies, and i had no stress throughout the day. We had such a blast! I got my maxi skirt at The Red Dress Boutique, tank top Old Navy and my cute white flip flops, scarf and earrings and necklace are all from New York & Company.  All of my Alex & Ani bangles i wore with pride. The kids got me the Hand and hand gold bangle and the silver mother bangle. Love all my mother's Day gifts!!! 

Had a blast at the show, Wicked and anyone who has not seen this show it's a must, I would definitely go again, it is a little funny as well as heart wrenching! 

Hopefully it will run as long as Cat's did!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!!