Friday, May 30, 2014

3 month Check Up!

She was already to go out with mommy after her check up!

Yesterday, I took Ava to her 3 month check up, and she was a great little girl! She is now 12 lbs, 1 once: 22 inches long! The pediatrician  said I can start her on solid foods anywhere between 4 - 6 months. I started her today! :)

 I knew she would love it so I started her on the greens first. I kinda did things backwards with Jayden cause I started him on fruits first and I think that is why he doesn't like the veggies now.  She loved the green beans at lunch today!!!

You may not have seen them in the pics but these were the new sandles I had on her yesterday to go with her outfit.  I just got them on Saturday when i went to the Carters / Oshkosh outlet in Tinton Falls. i brought some more things for her but in the 6 months mark, only to know how much she will use it as she grows.

On another note I am so ready for the Summer that i even had Lauren paint my toes and hands. This  is a color by Essie which is it's genius, and the white color is blanc, also by Essie.  Love both of them and as i get a little sun i will go the extra mile and get different spring colors!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!