Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Summer Vintage for Babies

ok, so I am a big fan of Vintage! I love the vintage look and came across this website while reading another blog: Shabby Apple. If you LOVE Vintage like I do you will appreciate this website! It is Fabulous bathing suits and clothes I know I love. The styles to wear now it looks like are the old 1920's bathing beauty suits and little caps to go with them. I am placing an order for Ava in Gymboree for another Bathing Suit and cap to match! I am so excited I cannot wait!I am also Shopping at Old Navy as well and saw these cute little essentials Ava just might need :)

Summer Vintage for Babies

Summer Vintage for Babies by citygirldesigns on Polyvore

Old Navy Ruffled Polka Dot Swimsuits For Baby - Polka dot / Old Navy Flip Flops For Baby - Pink dots / Old Navy Flip Flops For Baby - Pink polka dot / Tulle Rosette Dot Swimsuit at Gymboree / Tulle Rosette Dot Swim Cap at Gymboree

Looking at some new styles but until I find a good Suit I love, i am thinking I will stay with what I have that I used last year, which was my Blue Liz Claiborne one piece