Thursday, March 27, 2014

When Can my 1 month old get her Ears Pierced?

Today we took Ava for her 1 month check up and I am so excited because I got to ask the dr. when she can get her ears pierced! (She turned 1 Mo. On March 20). The Dr. said I had to wait until she was at least 4 months because she needs her shots before she can get them done. I was asking for feedback on this on my FB Page and everyone had a different answer so I  just was gonna go with ask your dr. today.

Of corse she is dressed in her Carter's Gear as usual! Love this Pink/Gray Leopard 3 pc. outfit! And of corse I had to get the Bib, socks and headband to match!! My lil' Fashionista!!! Look at those checks!!! I just want to eat her up!!

It is still freezing so I can't dress her the way I want but I am hoping by this weekend we start to get better weather so we can start taking our walks like I used to do with Jayden. I still feel like I have a lot of weight to lose although, everyone says I look Fabulous for just have another child, I would like to get back down to what I weighed 2 summers ago. It will be a challenge but I will be planning a wedding soon, and I need to look Awesome for it! I am thinking I am going back to Weight Watchers, that helped me to control my food intake and eat the way I should for my diabetes! Good Luck to me I guess, right...LOL...I did it before and I know I can do it again, it is just a matter of getting started. Dan said he wants to quit smoking for me and our kids so that alone will be a struggle! We both have import goals we need to accomplish to see our children grow up and have their own children, so let the Struggles begin!

On another note,  These owl stickers for the onsies are so cute, I got them on Etsy and I love them they stick on and come off so you can reuse them.  This website I got them from and I love everything, they have, it was hard for me to chooses being as they have so much and the prices are reasonable.

Happy Blogging!!