Monday, March 31, 2014

Family Day!

This weekend was treat! We had Family Day on Sunday, and we went to the Mall to spend money on the kids, and of corse ourselves. We as parents newer really spend money on ourselves and we always get the kids but who doesn't? Jayden loves being with his sister and I think Ava Loves to be around her big Brother! They are the cutest, and they were zoo good until the end of the day, when Ava started getting hungry and we were getting ready to leave and we got in the car to come home, so I just put her down, cause I think all it was, was that she wanted mommy to hold her, I picked her up laid her on my chest and in 2 mins she was out...that's all I wanted was my mommy!!! That is what makes the no sleep nights and the crying and screaming all about, when the kids want to be cuddled with and all you can do is hold them and put them to bed and then they feel safe! 

Friday I took Ava to babies r us, and we had mommy and me day! Daddy was at work, and Jayden was in school, and mommy and Ava spent the day shopping! Yes I got her some things she needed and some for Jayden as well. 
His teachers tell me he likes to play with the kitchen they have in class, so me and Dan are going to get him a kitchen to play with for Easter. I brought him some pretend food with pots and pans and he loved them so now he is cooking in his room on the table he eats on. 
I saw the Step Up2 has a really great kitchen we were eyeing and I am pretty sure we will be getting that one it looks real and just like Mommy's kitchen! 

Happy Blogging!!