Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Becoming a New Mom (Again)

Becoming a new mom all over again is a little overwhelming when you already have a 4 year old who is basically independent. To me anyway, that means potty trained and can eat all by himself. It is a change since we just got him in the past 6 months to become potty trained, and he still needs a little bit of work and the poo of it all. I cannot express enough how much it was hard to do while i was pregnant, especially feeling the way I was feeling during this pregnancy. Sick all day long, wanting to eat and couldn’t, plus my sugar was going crazy, and all I wanted were sweets to eat!!! He helps out a lot though especially at night, when it is time to get ready for bed. Thank God I have a child who likes to clean up and take a bath!!He even likes to watch mommy and daddy cook in the kitchen. 
Just last year at this time, I was overcoming a miscarriage, and trying to get through the sadness and depression I was becoming a part of. It truly is a great change of pace to actually see my daughter even though I have had a rough pregnancy. But I always remember what the saying says: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!! And I truly believe that! Me and dan have becoming more closer than ever, and yes we still argue but in reality what couple doesn’t argue? You tell me that you and your spouse or significant other doesn’t fight and yell at each other for something the other did or said, your are a bold face lier..LOL We are all guilty of the fighting especially over stupid things!! 


Happy Blogging!!